Photos from a Puriscal Garden

asparagus plants with dew
This picture is of asparagus that was not harvested and allowed to mature or "fern out". The asparagus plants produce in the rainy season. Not all of the plants have made it over the years so we only get a few spears at a time. I have more seeds that need to be put on the germination schedule.

Corn plant growing in Puriscal
I harvested twelve ears of corn from the new garden bed. They will go to the chickens. The volunteer squash plants that overtook the corn did produced a lot. Soon all will be torn down and I will try to grow a single crop of corn once again.

Amaranth and wild Mexican Sunflower
This photo shows amaranth on the left and a wild Mexican sunflower on the right. This year, I let a lot of the sunflower plants grow along the perimeter of the garden. They ended up becoming very large and overtaking the area. I will be more selective about where they grow in the future.

Yard long green beans, zinnias and cosmos
The first flush of zinnias did well. Behind them I grew yard long green beans in the area the chayote vine used to occupy. The beans were easy to harvest from the overhead trellis. A nice patch of cosmos flowers grew in the back right of this photo. I spent many mornings searching for flowers to photograph here.