Brownie has an impacted crop

Brahma mix hen

The other day I noticed Brownie wasn't acting normal. She was low energy and spending a lot of time sitting on the ground. The following day I saw a big bulge in her crop. She seemed to have problems with it as it moved up and down. I separated her from the flock and turned to the internet for help. I determined she had an impacted crop.

I felt Brownie's crop and there was something the size of a deck of cards in there. I gave her olive oil to help break it up. I also massaged her crop several times a day. By day two the lump had shrunk and her poops had improved. I asked our workers how to deal with crop issues and they didn't suggest olive oil or massage. I think the way of thinking around here is either the chicken can deal with it or not. 

After several days, Brownie seemed a lot better so I let her rejoin the flock. However, that same day I noticed Junior (the rooster) wasn't looking so well. I don't think his crop is impacted. I gave all of the chickens anti-parasitic medicine in their water. Hopefully they will all recover.