It's a dog party!


three dogs greeting each other in a grass yard
Two neighborhood dogs and Smiley.

Last week, six neighborhood dogs showed up to play with Smiley and run through the yard. I am familiar with all of these dogs, but I have never seen them all together. Smiley enjoyed playing with them and at the same time was making sure I didn't get too close and did not interact with the dogs. She can be a little jealous. 

A white roan or ticked hound in a grass yard
Hunting Dog

I call this dog the "hunting dog". He had a chain collar on this time. His fur patterns inspired me to find out what it is called. I was surprised to learn there are names for many different fur patterns. I think this one is either roan or ticked.

A shar pei mix dog in a grass yard
The Shar Pei

The hound and this shar pei mix are friends and usually show up together. 

tan short haired dog next to concrete building
A female version of Spencer.

This lady reminds me of Spencer because of her coloring and ears. She is friendly, but very cautious around me.

two dogs on a concrete patio near wood table
Puppy in the background and Venga

Venga and Puppy also came over. Puppy is Venga's offspring. Four years ago Venga had a litter of puppies and all were given away except for the one I call Puppy. From his appearance, I don't think Puppy has ever had a bath and should probably be shaved. I feel sorry for him... Copanita was also at the dog party, but I wasn't able to get a photo of her.