Ciudad Colon Sunrise, Renting a House

Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica SunriseTuesday we took a taxi to downtown San Jose for an appointment with the agency that is assisting us with obtaining residency in Costa Rica. We learned that our documents were submitted to immigration last August but a case has not been opened. Once the case has been opened then we will be able to stay in the country longer than the 90 day tourist visa. If the case isn't opened by mid March then we will be planning a trip out of the country. We need to stay out for at least 72 hours before re-entry to Costa Rica. If we have to do this then we will probably travel via bus, over many days to Panama.

Yesterday we arrived at our new rental house. I really like it here! We are within walking distance to the town center. We visited the local grocery stores, produce stand and butcher. Because the University of Peace is located here we saw many expats (expatriates) and college aged students from around the world.

I got up early and watched the sun rise and looked for interesting photo subjects. The neighbor dog has been by to check out the compost pile. She looks just like a miniature version of my old dog Whitesox. She is very cute although scared of me when I tried to approach her.

We met Jose the Tico (name Costa Rican's call themselves) gardener this morning. The two of us did our best to start a conversation in Spanish with him. He is good spirited and patient. He told us most expats don't bother to learn Spanish so I think he liked that we were trying.