Roxy the Dog

In an earlier post I mentioned a neighbor dog that looks like a mini version of my old dog Whitesox. I first saw this dog at our compost pile looking for tasty snacks. She appeared extremely street wise and wanted nothing to do with me. Later, we met our neighbor who was walking his dog on a leash and following nearby was mini-Whitesox. I learned her name is Roxy. She lives a few doors down and loves to bark and chase cars. The first time I saw her chase a car I jumped back thinking for sure she was going to get caught in the wheel well. She's an experienced car chaser and gets within a few inches of the car, barking until the car leaves. Victory for Roxy! Champion at scaring cars away.

On another occasion our neighbor came over to our house while walking his dog and there was Roxy following along. We chatted while I got the camera and took a few photos. I was petting our neighbor's dog and Roxy decided I was good enough to give her a few pets as well. She is so darn cute! I can't get over how much she looks like my old dog. If I had to imagine my perfect pet she would be it.

Now Roxy knows where we live and that we are OK people. One morning we were frying bacon for breakfast and what do you know... Roxy shows up at our door. She was quiet, well behaved, and hoping for some treats. We couldn't help but to give her a little snack. Now she stops by every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. This evening she even brought one of her friends over.

As much as I love dogs I don't want to have one in Costa Rica. Tics, fleas and other critters are problems with dogs here. I imagine grooming and vet bills would be expensive. I think I have found a good solution giving love to Roxy, my part time dog.