White-faced Capuchin in Costa Rica, lottery win

White-faced Capuchin in Costa Rica
We usually see the monkeys outside our house a few times a week. When we first moved into this house I would grab the camera, go outside and try to get good photos. I only did that a few times because it was obvious the monkeys were frightened of me and even more so when I held up the camera. We heard from a neighbor that someone that lives in this valley hunts the monkeys. I'm sure they thought the camera was a gun. After we realized all of this, each time the monkeys came by we would stay put and watch them pass through from inside our house.

White-faced Capuchin in Costa RicaNow that I don't try to get their picture and I make a point not to let them see me, it seems they are more comfortable to come closer to the house. The other morning I heard the familiar puppy like bark they make. It's a soft, gentle bark I imagine used for communication. The whole troupe was outside our bedroom window. The window has enough foliage in front of it that they could not see me as I took these pictures through the glass. What a site it was to watch these human like creatures forage for food, relax and climb to the next vantage point.

White-faced Capuchin in Costa RicaWe took the week off from looking for property and just relaxed around the house, and did the normal food shopping and preparation. I picked up a pine needle basket I started a while ago only to find it and all of the needles I gathered covered with mold. I knew this would happen, but wanted to witness it first hand before I admitted defeat and threw it all into the compost pile. I'm going to stick with plastic grocery bag baskets for my creative outlet.

White-faced Capuchin in Costa RicaGood karmas fruited this week and we won 5000 colones at the grocery store. I have seen the large clover board display in front of the store and wondered what it was for. The round board is painted with a green clover in the center. The wheel is made to spin like a wheel of fortune. Nails eventually make the spin stop at one of the clover leafs. John got the lucky receipt that granted him a spin at the wheel. He spun and it stopped at one of the clover petals. The manager looked behind the wheel and announced he won 5000 colones. Next time I'm at the store I'm going to look behind the wheel, nothing is marked on the front and I find it odd the winning amount would only be marked on the back.

The manager walked us over to the customer service desk to fill out and sign a form, then the clerk signed and stamped it and then the manager signed it. The signed, stamped and official form was a gift certificate good for our next shopping trip.

White-faced Capuchin in Costa RicaWhite-faced Capuchin in Costa RicaWhite-faced Capuchin in Costa Rica