Phone Book Delivery, New Life Thoughts

Life continues to be good for both of us. This past week we went on the big monthly grocery shopping trip with the neighbors. We managed to fill the car to the brim with goods that can't be found in our local stores. I was recently loaned some cook books and am now inspired to cook foods with a more international flair. This month's shopping trip included a variety of spices, vermicelli noodles, jams, chocolate and cheeses among other things.

The other day I was working at the computer and John was outside just up the hill from our house. I heard a heavy sounding car come down the hill towards our place. We watch everyone that comes and goes. I was alarmed to see that the car was an ambulance. I got up to watch what house it was going to only to see it had stopped at our house. Someone got out of the ambulance and was banging on our door. I thought something had happened to John, but how? He was only gone for a few minutes. I went to the door and a woman from the ambulance was delivering new phone books. I looked in the ambulance and it was full of pre-teen aged children. I suppose it takes a crew to deliver the phone books. Poor John, he saw the ambulance go down the street towards our house and thought something had happened to me. You would never expect that the ambulance would be used to deliver the yearly phone directories.

I was sad to hear about Michael Jackson's and Farrah Fawcett's death. I was a fan of the Six Million Dollar Man television show as a child and thought Farrah was cool for marrying Steve Austin. The Ticos that live at the top of the hill routinely play loud music (common for Tico's). They even have speakers mounted on the front of their house, facing the street. We hear their music daily and paused for a moment when they played a few Michael Jackson songs the morning after the news broke. May they both be at peace now.