More Good Karma and Real Estate Search

John got the lucky receipt at the supermarket again this week. It granted him another spin at the lucky clover wheel. This time he won 25,000 colones. Wow! We will use the winning certificate today to purchase a few nice bottles of wine to take to dinner at the neighbors as well as other food stuff.

Even more exciting than winning the money is a property we viewed yesterday near Puriscal. I had pretty much written off this area because we had looked at cow pasture after cow pasture, some with a few trees, others with the nature aspect located on steep hillsides or rivers that were inaccessible. Yesterday we looked at a property that by far is the best we have seen.

We were only able to view a portion of the property yesterday and will go back on Tuesday to see the rest. What we could see pretty much fits our criteria. There is a house in OK condition on the property, beautiful rivers, rock face cliffs and many impressive trees. The area is very private and the views beautiful. After Tuesday we will know more, but I have a feeling this could be the one.

I am becoming more and more interested in cooking for the two of us. Meal planning and cooking felt like such a chore in Seattle. I believe it was that way due to time constraints and the stress of living in the city. That type of stress has dissipated and along with it the luxury of going to any type of restaurant we desired. The lack of convenient restaurants on every block has been the catalyst for me to become creative with cooking. This week I made my first home made chicken pot pie. It was delicious! I perfected the Neiman Marcus (urban legend) cookie recipe by lowering the cooking temperature and adding some crystallized ginger.

I am still reading about house design and have begun learning everything I can about gardening in this climate. I'm very excited about permaculture techniques, no-till gardening and the possibility of having a chicken coop.


Mom said…
Wow, Sally, the stream looks awesome. Sounds like you and John are pretty excited aboout this property. Looking forward to more pix.