Guru Purnima

Highlights this week were visiting with our guest and going for a drive to Puriscal. The rains have eased up somewhat. We are in a time period called the "little summer". Supposedly the rain eases for about a month and then very abruptly the rains are to return through the month of October. I am amazed to see that mold can grow on just about every surface. I have a routine of cleaning certain items, like back packs, and letting them dry in the sun to prevent mildew. I think it will be a never ending battle until the rainy season is over.

The week climaxed for us on the full moon. This month's full moon was a special one, called Guru Purnima. This is an auspicious day that occurs once a year where we worship the Guru. Many hours were spent after the celebration watching the full moon shine behind gently rolling, misty cloud formations. It was so incredible I tried to capture it on video. Here is my debut video.