Life Begins on our New Property

Puriscal valley viewGreat news! We purchased a special piece of property. Some of you may have noticed that I suddenly stopped blogging about our property search after my post on June 14, 2009. That turned out to be the one! The deal has been finalized and we will be moving in over the next few months. We were surprised and delighted to find a piece of property that is four times larger than any we had looked at and exactly the price we wanted to pay.

The property is about 80 acres. On the land is a 1200 square foot, concrete house. It is in need of a lot of TLC but I can imagine it becoming a home without too much effort. Now that we bought a place with an existing house I have suspended my research on designing and building our house and will instead focus on making this our casa. Next to the house are 5 stables that were used for horses in the past. There is a large flat area in front of the house that will be used for my vegetable garden and chicken coop.

Rio Viejo, PuriscalThe nature element I was searching for in all prior properties is satisfied here. Even though, basically the entire Puriscal area has been clear cut for cattle, we were able to find a gem of paradise not too far from the center of Santiago de Puriscal. A river cuts through part of the property and two other rivers border two sides. The river is amazing! The geological makeup of the river rock could entertain for ages. A not too far walk up the river ends with a small waterfall.

The bulk of the property is located across the river that bisects the property. The layout of this area allows for complete privacy. We saw one large spring in this part of the property. The water oozing out of the rock and the plant life in the area was magical. There are several large trees on the property and more than half of it was reforested, with a mix of trees, about five years ago.

kapok treeThe potential for this place is mind boggling. I am looking forward to the adventures of trail building, finding the perfect places for observation and reflection, gardening, getting the chicken coop set up and, long over due... a dog.