New Property Ownership Sinks In

kapok treeProperty ownership is beginning to sink in. Still fresh in my mind is the remodeling we did to the Seattle house before departing for Costa Rica. Now we are doing it all over again, this time the scale is much larger. We met with an architect at our new house. I was delighted to hear him confirm my thoughts that the house has great potential. We should be able to see his ideas this week and can start proceeding with making the house our home.

Costa Rica mothWe were at the property today and I was thrilled to see a toucan and many parrots fly overhead. We met two friendly gringo neighbors and stopped by their house on our way home to get better acquainted. I'm really antsy to live in our new house and hope to have it in good enough shape to inhabit by the end of September.

Costa Rica frogWe made several trips to the local EPA (Costa Rica's Home Depot) to purchase items to make the house more secure. I feel good now that the locks are changed and broken windows are boarded up. The next hurdles will be getting a new water main installed and a new electricity pole. We already know all the electrical wiring inside the house needs to be replaced but the condition of the water pipes is a mystery.

Costa Rica mothThe warm sunny weather of the "little summer" continues. I find myself forgetting what month it is. The four seasons of Seattle are non-existent here. It's either warm and sunny or warm and raining or slightly cooler and windy. The weather was a main reason why we moved here and both of us agree, it's awesome!


Adam Pilskog said…
Beautiful pictures - I'm glad you guys were able to find a place, it sounds wonderful. Keep posting pictures -