Shopping, Wind, Property Walks

doves in Costa RicaIt’s been more than three months since we went shopping at the large stores and malls of Escazu. Running out of soy sauce was the motivation for the journey into the big city. The Multi Plaza has expanded by about 200 new stores, many of them high end clothing and jewelry stores. I was surprised to find the North Face at the mall. Who buys fleece and down jackets in Costa Rica? I’m not sure, but they were for sale in the store. I bought a pair of hiking boots after determining the rubber boots used by the locals just don’t give my feet/ankles enough support to trek our property.

The windy season is upon us. It blew fiercely for the past 24 hours. A concrete electrical pole snapped at ground level near the fire department in central Puriscal. It was quite a production to replace the pole that had several dozens of wires strung on it. Due to this event we were without power for about 7 hours. The wind knocked over many of my corn plants and all of the broccoli plants. I propped up the broccoli plants but the ground is so hard under the corn plants, and their roots so shallow that I don’t think they will survive, even if propped up with several sticks.

very cute small dogWe are enjoying walking on the many new trails on our property. I like seeing the new vistas and perspectives of our land and our surrounding neighbor’s farms. Roxy especially enjoys going to the Otro Lado (other side of the river). It seems she lives for the moment we put on our boots and hats and walk in the direction of the river trail. When we first got her I didn’t think her legs were long enough to be able to hike the property with us, but I was mistaken. She’s a maniac out there, exploring and whining when we don’t go fast enough or if we stop to enjoy the views. It’s wonderful to see her be so free, natural and happy.

The first photo is of Ground Doves seen on our property. The second of a flower found on our walk. The last is a beauty shot I took of Roxy.