River Fish, Barn Conversion

Rio Viejo, Costa RicaLife is a little more relaxed now that the majority of the work crew is gone. The other day we took a walk down river, usually we walk up river. I was delighted to see fish in the river. I spotted small minnow types and several that were about ten inches long. In my youth I had several fresh water aquariums, only to tire of the hobby after I determined it requires a lot of time and effort to provide a healthy environment for the fish in an artificial setting. Now I know where the fish live and can visit them at any time. We looked for interesting rocks in the river and found a geode and several pieces of petrified wood.

metal barnThe latest property improvement project is fixing the old animal barn. The prior owners had several hundred sheep, cattle and horses. I now call this structure the vivero, Spanish for plant nursery. The metal was sanded and painted and new metal and plastic roof panels were installed. I will grow plants in a portion of the structure, another part will be used for making compost and yet another corner will house my chicken coop. We bought a couple of hammocks that we will hang in the vivero so we can relax and enjoy the scenery.