No More Pool and New Carport

The latest round of construction projects are complete. When we first moved onto the property we had a temporary carport built over an existing concrete pad. As it turned out the location of the old carport is where the new homes will be built. In order to free up the space for the homes we had a new carport constructed to match the design of the existing guest suite/stables/cabina.

The final project was to cover the swimming pool. The pool was structurally sound, however we didn't want to commit to the maintenance associated with it. Most of the swimming pools in this area, including this one, are the type that is filled up with a garden hose, enjoyed for a few days and then drained. At the end of the last rainy season, the drain in the pool clogged and about a meter of water collected in it, along with a tremendous amount of mosquitoes.

pool covered with concrete patioWe decided to remove the worn wooden planks on the deck and cover the entire space with concrete. Now there is a lovely, partly shaded patio area to enjoy. The views to the river from the very outer point of the deck are lovely. Meanwhile, we are still waiting on the architect for the technical plans for the house. The work crew is busy opening up the trails on the property. I continue the morning walks with the dogs to the river. I have never spent so much time at one river and I find each day I grow more and more connected with it and the surrounding land.