Sightseeing with Family in Costa Rica

The visit with family was so nice. Mom, Jean and I took a site seeing trip through Grecia, Sarchi and Zarcero. It was deluxe to be driven around in a newer van with a hired personal driver. I have been to Grecia and Sarchi before and this trip reconfirmed for me that we made the right choice to live in Puriscal. This was my first visit to Zarcero and boy was it chilly up there! It was interesting for me to see all of the cool weather crops being grown in the hills of Zarcero. We looked at the sculptured hedges in the park in front of the church and then finished the day trip at the farmers market in Alajuela. I was impressed with their feria. The size was huge compared with the one in Puriscal, but not so big that you got lost in it. The variety and selection of meat, cheese and produce was excellent. We stayed two nights in the Pura Vida Hotel in Alajuela which was a beautiful oasis in an urban area.

My favorite part of their visit was simply being able to hang out and relax with mom. Keeping in touch via Skype and e-mail just doesn’t replace being able to physically spend time together. It was so lovely to come back from my morning walks with Spencer to see mom walking around the property observing nature’s delights. I enjoyed cooking meals for her, in payment for all of the meals she cooked for me while growing up. We planted some flower seeds together and mom helped transplant the next crop of lettuce seedlings. Life’s little joys!

I’ll miss my mom but I know that she will forever have a very special place in my heart where I can connect with her at any time to share my love and compassion for her.