Blue Flowers - Walking Iris

Walking Iris FlowersLast year Mario gave us a gift of a flowering plant that he adores. He planted it in the ground and checked it often for evidence of flowers to come. It took an entire year and now the flowers are here. The fragrant flowers last only one day and about every other day or so, new flowers appear. This morning I saw the new unopened flowers and hurried to the camera and take pictures.

Walking Iris Flowers
I was surprised to see the flowers opening right before my eyes. One petal at at time would pop open.

Walking Iris FlowersThese flowers are exquisite!

Walking Iris FlowersI watched and waited for the entire flower to open.

Walking Iris FlowersHow lovely!

Walking Iris FlowersThe plant has been blooming for about two weeks. I am unsure how long it will bloom so I am sure to visit the plant often and observe and smell nature's lovely creation.