My Little Forest and House Construction Update

Costa Rica red dragonfly
A few days ago we walked up the Rio Viejo for the first time since the end of the dry season. The power of the river during the rainy season is incredible. While the rock canyons, side cliffs, caves and forests remain the same, the river bed is ever changing. I found several pretty crystal rocks and spent time soaking in nature's beauty. Today I decided to hike on the Otro Lado to one of my favorite forested areas. I had to chop and plow through trails that have not been opened by our crew yet. I was determined to see how my little forest was doing. I came across an area that had slid into the river and I didn't feel comfortable walking over it so I back tracked and took a different trail in order to view the landslide from a different angle and to be able to continue towards the forest. Once I began to back track Spencer thought the walk was over and took off without me and headed home. I really wanted to see the forest so I continued by myself being extremely careful not to step on any sleeping snakes. As I was walking alone through the jungle I suddenly felt like I was seven years old again. I felt the excitement and joy that I felt when I was a child walking through the forests of our back yard in Alaska. Those carefree, innocent feelings of observing nature will always be alive in me.

Puriscal house construction
The construction crew is almost finished installing the siding on our house. Many of the interior walls are done and today they began putting up the ceiling. We picked out paint colors for the exterior of the house and tomorrow will see how samples of the colors look painted on the siding. Later this week we go with the architect to pick out tile and to look at options for the kitchen cabinets. We are still very pleased with how the project is progressing.