Feels Like Summer, House Construction Update

red flower
Yesterday felt like the first day of summer. The air was warm and dry and the sky blue. There have been so many overcast, humid days for the past few months that this change was welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed. Today Spencer and I were able to cross the river and take a long hike on the other side. Spencer has turned out to be a good dog. I am glad I took the time to get to know and understand him. The other day a woman was waiting for the bus as I walked Spencer along the public road. Spencer seemed to recognize and like this woman and I sensed the same feelings from this woman towards Spencer. Mario happened to be walking by when the woman was there and she told him that Spencer used to stop by her house, more than a year ago, when he was stray and starving. She told Mario that they called him Canelo which means cinnamon. I think everyone that knew Spencer back then is happy to see him plumped up and well taken care of.

Puriscal house construction
The house construction continues to go forward. They have been busy installing the electrical wiring and building the structure for the walls and windows. The architect stops by a few times each week to go over details and decisions that need to be made with us. So far, I am very pleased with how the whole project is going. It is way less stressful than I imagined it would be.