Rainy October and House Construction

rain guageCosta Rica usually receives the most rain in the month of October. Now that the rainy month is over I can report that it rained a total of 31 7/10 inches in our area. Last week the river was low enough that I was able to cross and see if the land sustained any damages from all of the rain. It had been about three weeks since I was able to cross and explore the other side. It felt so nice to be able to walk through the property once again, I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. There were some very minor dirt slides and a few trees fell, but from what I saw things look to be in pretty good shape. It appeared some of the trees we planted on the on the other side of the river had grown about one foot in my three week absence.

Puriscal house constructionThe house construction is moving along and so far everything is going well. The metal structure has been welded into place and the roof is up. We picked out a PVC material that imitates wood to use for the ceilings. This material should last well in our high humidity climate. We are looking for someone locally to cut the wood we reclaimed last year so we can use it for the interior walls. I am working on various configurations for the kitchen cabinets and drawers. It's all very exciting. I never imagined we would be living in a house custom made just for the two of us.