Interesting Bugs, Earthquake and Construction Update

Costa Rica insect
The diversity of bugs in Costa Rica never fails to amaze me. Last night this bug came into the house. Spencer let out a bark as it trotted out of his chains reach and into the bathroom. I forgot about the bug until he reappeared once more this morning on the kitchen sink.  What a crazy fellow he is with the long orange fuzzy snout. The bug is about two inches long. Just as I was taking this picture an earthquake struck. For a moment I thought it was just my body swaying back and forth as I positioned myself to get this close up, but no it was an earthquake. It was a rolling type that caused the ceiling fan to sway and the metal bodega door to make noise. No damage occurred. The internet reports it was a 5.8

Costa Rica insect
To carry on with the bug theme I see that I have a few more pictures I haven’t shared yet. This one is the golden orb spider. I found the white zigzags on her web interesting. These spiders can get very large but this one was only a few inches. She laid several egg sacks before disappearing.

Costa Rica insect
I spotted this spider a while back. The iridescent colors caught my eye. This one was small, about half an inch long.

Puriscal house construction
The construction crew returned last Monday and resumed working on our house. They installed baseboards, primed the walls and began laying the paving stones for the patio and walkways.