New View, New Spring

This was the view looking off the patio of our new house. Cutting the bamboo has been on my to-do-list ever since we moved here. The previous owner said he used to keep it cut to the ground in order to have a better view of the valley. I use this bamboo a lot in the garden and it’s wonderful to have it growing close to our house but the day has come for it to be cut. It took several days for our work crew to get the job done.

Puriscal valley view
Here is the view now. It’s so lovely! I spent several hours sitting on the patio trying to determine exactly where the Rio Viejo and Rio Tabarcia meet. Our property has many ravines and valleys that make comprehending the view from our house difficult. Today I hiked out to the far end of the property and tried to memorize more tree landmarks so I can orient myself better when gazing at the view from the patio.

drinking spring
Another project our crew did was to reinforce part of the internal road, on the other side of the river, that had washed away two rainy seasons ago. They found that spring water was coming out of a rock at this point and that the water was excellent for drinking. We had them build a small concrete box in order to capture the water to fill our bottles. Every morning Spencer and I stop here to fill up at the beginning of our walk and once more as we are heading back home. I’m very happy we had this done.

House construction is taking another pause. We are very close to being done, however next week is Semana Santa, the week Costa Rica celebrates Easter. Most construction type businesses close for the entire week, so work probably won’t resume until the second week of April. Pura Vida!