House For Rent in Puriscal

House For Rent in Puriscal
A friend of ours from the states has been here for the past month and will be here for one more. He came here with the intention of renting a house in order to be more fully immersed in the culture. He stayed with us for the first few weeks and then moved into a rental just up the street. I thought my North American readers would be interested to see what one can rent here for only $120 per month.

Inside house for rent in Puriscal
So, what do you get? The house is constructed with pre-fabricated concrete panels. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and kitchen. Electricity and water are connected but not part of the rent. There is no stove or refrigerator. Phone and TV can probably be hooked up to the place but that would be the responsibility of the renter.

Kitchen in house for rent in Puriscal
I was surprised to see how many cupboards were in the kitchen. I think that is unusual for rentals. The kitchen is built onto the back of the house. The house has tile floors, painted walls and a finished ceiling throughout except for the kitchen.

Bathroom in house for rent in Puriscal
The shower has hot water.

House for rent in Puriscal
This is a view of the kitchen from outside the house. Everyone here appreciates an open-to-the-air-kitchen. Overall the house is clean and very livable. The landlady is just a stones throw away and has been very kind and helpful to her tenant.