Poems by Aunt Mary Ann

My aunt was inspired by the past blog entry and wrote two poems. I like the poems. The tone and choice of words summarize really well the last encounter with hunters on our property. Both poems below were written by my Aunt Mary Ann.

Emboldened Now

They arrived during

A weekday now

These hunters

With dogs and

Guns on our

Private property.

Imagine my

Shock as I

Came face to face

With two hunters.

In my best Spanish

I admonished them

While calling for

My husband -  also infuriated.

A personal affront and

Invasion of our privacy

And property.

They left today

But will they return?

How dare they!

Tuna Juice

Hooting and howling

Arose from the river

Today just as I

Finished some tuna

I spread some of the juice

To attract the big

Dogs who had come

Onto our private property.

Two hunters emerged

From the  tall undergrowth

In the nearby forest.

We surprised one other.

As I uttered my practiced


They retreated apologetically

Hunting was banned now.

But who enforces this new

Law in Costa Rica?

The landowners?

Leave us in peace!