Dry July, Fish in the River

Puriscal valley view
It rained only 1.5 inches last July, the previous July it rained 6.5 inches. Less rain means more time I had to spend watering plants but it also made the river easy to cross. Spencer and I cross the river just about every day. Earlier in the month I noticed an area that looked ideal for fish viewing. One day I decided to stop and see if I could catch a glimpse of anything in the river. As I suspected that spot was home to a small school of 10" fish and another of 3" fish. I made a point to stop at the river every morning to watch the fish swim around. I find it mesmerizing and peaceful to watch the fish. Every once in a while I would see the flash of their silver bellies as they maneuvered to catch something. Spencer seemed bored and impatient with me as I stared into the water. He doesn't see what I do. After several times of fish watching he finally caught on that he could turn around and look into the forest for animals as I watched the river.