Greater Grison on the Property

butterfly in Costa Rica
Yesterday morning Spencer and I went on our walk. It was intended to be a short walk to the drinking spring. When we got to the river he refused to cross. This happens from time to time. When he does that I tie him to a tree and go by myself to fill the water bottles. When I returned I found Spencer, tail wagging and happy to see me.

I untied him from the tree and then we both heard a noise from the forest. He was in full alert so I waited to see if we could get a glimpse of something. We weren't disappointed. About 20 feet from us an animal emerged I have never seen before. It was a weasel like animal the size of a large house cat, low to the ground with sleek looking fur. The most notable feature I saw was a stripe on its head and neck. The animal saw us and immediately retreated, I saw there was a second smaller one behind the first.

Spencer was overly excited so I decided to take the long way back so we didn't further disturb the animals. I got home and looked at the animal guide but the critter wasn't there so I turned to the internet to discover I saw two Greater Grisons. I have seen their tracks in the river in the past but all of these years living here and I have never seen the animal.