Bicycle Race Puriscal

Helicopter watching bicycle race in Puriscal

Bicycle race through Puriscal

Bicycle race through Puriscal

People watching bicycle race through Puriscal

Man in tractor in Puriscal
The past few weeks preparations have been underway for a bike race with a route that went by our place. Arrows were stenciled in white on the paved parts of the road leading up to San Rafael. Small signs and streamers were placed along the dirt parts of the road. All to ensure the participants stayed on course.

A low flying helicopter was overhead the morning of the race. It made a big loop and then began circling, very low. I imagine the helicopter was filming the exciting parts of the race. We pulled out of the property to go into town just as bike riders were passing by. Someone was standing at the corner with a flag making sure they went up the hill.

It rained about an inch the prior night and the dirt roads were very muddy. The guys we passed had already traversed down a steep muddy road, through a river and onto another muddy road. People watched as the racers went in front of their house. The event appeared to have a lot of support vehicles ready to guide and help if necessary.

We were in town for a few hours and on the way home I didn't expect to see any more racers, but I was incorrect. We passed a few. These guys didn't seem nearly as fit as the first bunch.

The tractor was one of several obstacles the racers had to negotiate. Here's the link to the organizers of the race.