Cats in Puriscal

Kitty's friend Sam discovered that I take photo walks in the morning. One morning he found me on a photo walk without Kitty. Sam came over to greet me and seemed rather disappointed that I would not pet him. I tried to explain to him that I am allergic to cats and I can't pet him and then put my hands on the camera near my face. He couldn't understand that and in the first photo you see him begging me for pets.

Some days both of them come with me on a photo walk. It's fun to watch them play.


Interesting photos of the cats in trees. You seem to manage even though allergic. I too have allergies so stay away from them.
SRD said…
Those two love climbing trees and competing to see who can go higher, or so it seems to me! I have no problems with cats as long as they stay outside and I always wash my hands after petting.