Puriscal People

The first photo was taken at the weekly farmer's market where there is always a vendor selling imported tropical fish. The fish there usually look better than the ones for sale at the pet store. The other two photos are street shots taken on a busy sidewalk.


We no longer have the fish tank. When we did, there was one store which stocked better fish. One of them did not and the fish soon died. Russell is an ichthyologist which sometimes helped.
It's not easy to maintain a healthy aquarium. I enjoyed my tanks in the past but now I like observing them in their natural habitat even more.
brewdoctor said…
My full time home choir during my high school years was maintaining our homes salt water aquarium. It was a full-time science experiment. I learned a lot. I like nature programs on TV now....
If I was super duper wealthy I would have aquariums in my house that someone else took care of! What a great learning experience that must have been for you brew dr!