Thin Layer of Asphalt

road pavement near bridge in Puriscal
Recently, we were informed that the two kilometers of dirt road in front of the property leading into Puriscal was finally getting paved. The road was reportedly to be paved with a "thin layer of asphalt".  Paving the road has been talked about almost every year since we have been here. One year, a few years ago, we heard that discussions to do the project had become more serious. Another year we heard for sure it was going to be paved that year, but no, it didn't happen.

Every year the road is graded with additional rock, however this year it was different, probably because it was going to be paved. Instead of grading and filling in areas with small rock, in some parts large rocks (hand size and bigger) were dumped. Some of the rocks were smashed into the road in a few places. The way the big rocks were spread actually made parts of the road worse. The road wasn't graded.

The asphalt equipment arrived and was ready to start at the bridge. I could hear the trucks working the next day, but it wasn't for long. The following day I heard no big equipment. There was a problem. For reasons unknown the contractor that was supposed to grade the road before the asphalt did not show up for the job. An engineer halted the project. A few days later the big equipment was gone. About ten meters of asphalt was created. Small progress is better than no progress at all!