Costa Rica Photos

police station in Ciudad Colon
 Here are a few miscellaneous photos. Above is the police station in Ciudad Colon.

Floralia fotbol
 This is the soccer field in the small community of Floralia. It has a nice view.

street light in Santiago de Puriscal
There are very few traffic lights in Puriscal. This photo was taken of one through the windshield of the car. If you look closely you will see that all the colors are illuminated, red, yellow and green. Do what ever you want!


Gas station is Delta? How much is gas? Soccer field has no lines or corners. I wonder who referees such games to know when the ball is out of bounds or a corner kick. Maybe the traffic light signifies a four-way stop?
SRD said…
Hi MA! - Gas is expensive. I haven't looked at the price lately, but it's usually the equivalent of around $5.00/gallon. Now that you pointed it out, I don't recall seeing lines on most of the soccer fields in small communities. I have no idea how they manage. No one stopped at the traffic light when all the lights were on. I think it meant "go" to everyone!