New Hens and Rooster

chicken flock in Puriscal
We purchased a new flock of chickens! This time we have five hens and one rooster. The rooster is the white bird pictured above. All of them have feathers on their legs and feet which is different from the chickens we had last time. They are a mixed breed known as "criollo" here. They are young and aren't laying eggs yet and the rooster hasn't begun making his call. All of that should happen in the next few months. They are still getting used to the new environment, however all of them are scared of me and run a hide in a corner whenever I get too close. I'm sure that will change over time when they realize I am the food source! We decided to get a rooster this time because the fertilized eggs taste better. I also wouldn't mind if one of the ladies raises chicks in the future.