Brahma Hen and Chicks Update

chickens in Costa Rica
The chicks doing great. Their down is being replaced with real feathers. I took this photo Sunday morning.

chickens in Costa Rica
This photo was taken early in the morning. The chicks still sleep underneath mama. She prefers to sleep outside in the paddock.

chickens in Costa Rica
The other chickens posed for me. They are back to laying three eggs per day.

chickens in Costa Rica
Chicky is doing well by herself. She out grew the "wool hen" so over the weekend I made a new larger one out of the plastic tub I originally raised her in. I wasn't prepared for how freaked out she got when the old one was removed and replaced. I sat with her as the sun set and dusk came, calming her the best I could until she went inside the new house. This morning she had accepted the new shelter and was busy scratching around inside it.

Kitty's new past time is lurking outside Chicky's cage. We have caught her several times on top of the wire cage, dreaming about how to get inside.


Unknown said…
So very interesting. Loved the short video.
SRD said…
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.