Garden Inspiration, Chicken Update

covered raised garden bed, Puriscal
Back in March, when the reality of the pandemic set in, I was inspired to ramp up production in the vegetable garden. Now I can report that we only buy avocados, carrots and zucchini from the store. Everything else is grown here. Over the years I have learned what grows best in my garden. Currently growing is asparagus, chayote, acchocha, yard long beans, okra, a taro like root vegetable, fennel, radish, two types of kale, collards, mustard greens, a type of bok choy, beets, endive, a type of tropical spinach, squash and a few herbs.

Last week the plastic roof over two of the raised beds was replaced with hard transparent plastic roofing panels. The old plastic style was difficult to keep clean and had to be replaced every few years.

transparent roof panels, Puriscal
The transparent roof panels in the barn had seen better days and were also replaced. Now, once again, abundant sunshine penetrates the structure. I have started many vegetables in pots anticipating the height of the rainy season in the next few months. I have never been successful gardening when the rain and humidity is high in September and October. Hopefully this year it will be different.

Brahma chickens, Puriscal
The junior flock of chickens are doing great! It took Chicky many, many weeks to get accustomed to the others, but he has succeeded. Now they are all sleeping on one roost at night and he will sit near them when they hang out in the paddock. He still likes me and always gives my shoes and pant legs a good inspection looking for something to peck off. Below is a video I took of him this morning.


Wow, your garden is impressive. What a variety too and how wild and tall everything appears. What has been your strategy in past rainy seasons with the garden? And is covid now under control where you live? Wish I had some of your fresh eggs and veggies. We have harvested a few servings of wax beans, have abundant herbs, a few collards started from seed when the plants were unavailable locally and online. Tomatoes will soon be ready too. We've had many hot, sunny days in a row which is a bit unusual for us, but the gardens look great. Have fun in CR too!
SRD said…
Many thanks to you! In the past I wasn't as serious about keeping the vegetable garden producing year round so we would buy from the farmer's market. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not under control here. More and more cases with more deaths. The numbers here are small compared with other parts of the world. Masks just became mandatory in indoor spaces. Good luck with your gardening!