Gallinas Criolla in Puriscal

 New chicken video:

The last batch of chicks turned out to be four roosters and two hens. The roosters matured faster than ones in the past. Two of them began crowing at ten weeks old. The four roosters spent a big part of the day play fighting. It was fun to watch. After I separated them from mama hen I spent three weeks training them to sleep on a roost. If I wouldn't have done that they would have continued to sleep huddled on the ground in a corner of the paddock. 

The adult rooster, Junior, is a great guy and I have no plans to replace him so the day came for me to give away the four young roosters. The best case scenario occurred and Mario and Alexis each took two. I learned from Mario that at least three of the roosters turned out to be a smaller variety. Like the dogs and cats in Costa Rica, these chickens are also mutts. They call them "gallinas criolla". 

Once the remaining two hens grow to a similar size as the adults, then I will incorporate them into the flock.