Gardenia, Improvements and Rock Collection

gardenia flower with dew drops

Once a year the gardenia blooms. The infrequency makes it special and something to look forward to. After the rains begin the plant becomes more vibrant, adds new leaves and then flowers appear. This year the orange jasmine plant nearby was blooming at the same time. The competing scents were divine.

ornamental garden

I made another improvement to the ornamental garden along the side of the galeron. I determined the plants would be happier with more amended soil. I added a row of concrete cylinder pieces to make a taller border to hold more nutrients for the plants. I sowed flower seeds in flats and will fill in empty spaces in this area soon.

outdoor rock collection display

Recently, I created a new area to display the rocks we have collected from the river and property. They had been sitting in a large metal bowl for years and I decided they need to be liberated. I built the display with sturdy metal mesh shelves on top of concrete pieces. The collection is easier to enjoy now. I really like that I can hose them down occasionally to remove dust and spider webs.


Your grandmother wore a gardenia corsage when she married on June 7, 1941. I think she spoke to you via this gorgeous flower. I just love the smell. Your garden is truly impressive! The rocks are all lined up so nicely too. Loved the post and photos. ox
SRD said…
Thank you for your comment MA! Thanks for the other comments also, I'm a little behind on replying. I'm glad you enjoy my blog.