Expert Level Human Manipulation

Calico cat in Puriscal, Costa Rica

My name is Kitty. I want to share a milestone I attained this week. First, a little background. My original human died a few years ago, forcing me to find a new home. The entire campo knows about paradise at the end of the road. A handsome ex-street dog won the gringo lottery and lives there full time. My ambition was to be a house cat inside a gringo home. I saw potential at the end of the road and moved into the barn. It didn't take long to connect with the lady. She agreed to let me live in the barn and feed me as long as I controlled the iguana population. 

Male cat in Puriscal, Costa Rica

Everything was fine until Sam came along. His human also died. Sam found a new place to live at the bottom of the hill. He complained about bad food there. Sam visited my barn daily looking for leftovers. Sam turned into a meanie. The lady saw the issue and changed my feeding place to the house. A step in the right direction!

After I got closer to the house, I tried taking naps on the inside furniture. The lady became agitated and angry when I napped on the bed. I don't do that anymore. I noticed some chairs are rarely used. I managed to get access to two indoor dining room chairs. The lady insists they are covered with a towel, she thinks I'm dirty or something.

Spencer and neighborhood dogs

Spencer and I have a good relationship. Life was fine until he became friendly with the neighborhood dogs. Without consulting me, he gave them permission to come over and play. Those dumb dogs like to hang out a lot. Sometimes they stay the night on the patio and disrupt my nightly routine. I am a fierce cat, but it's hard to defend myself against multiple dogs.

Earlier this week the man and lady realized that I'm being harassed at night by the dogs. I saw this as an opportunity to make my move to get full nighttime indoor privileges. I began by hiding under the bed when it was time to go outside. I learned if I need to go outside at night, they will let me out if I meow. Training of the humans was going well. After a few days I decided to initiate an expert level human manipulation technique.

Calico cat in Puriscal, Costa Rica

That evening I meowed and was let outside. The next morning, I did not show up for breakfast. I hid all day hoping my humans would think something bad happened to me. I watched the lady try to find me a few times. She seemed a little sad. I had to be sure the humans understood me so I missed dinner also. 

In the evening I watched the lady tend to the chickens. I made my grand reappearance when she was walking back to the house. The lady was happy to see me. The man appeared, picked me up and carried me to the house. I listened to the humans talk about me. They now understand how much the new dogs bother my routine. They are going to let me stay indoors at night! I even got a way to go inside and outside all night long. I made it! It only took four years to get full gringo house privileges. I won the lottery!