Garden Update - New Raised Bed Vigor

raised garden bed with squash, corn and taro
The new garden area is growing fast! Germination rate for the corn seeds was very low. I replanted two more times but by then the volunteer squash plants were taking over. I've decided to let the squash have priority this time. Some of the seeds from the 2nd and 3rd sowings did sprout but the squash leaves are shading them. I see some taro leaves made it through on the right end of the garden.

yellow squash flower
Volunteer squash plants are the best. The ones planted intentionally rarely do as well. Early morning squash flowers are striking.

immature squash with flower
Many of the small squash look healthy. I've found that the first planting in a new garden produces well because the insects haven't moved in yet.

chayote vine
The chayote vine survived being transplanted. It recently reached the top of the trellis and will now cover the top.

vegetable garden in the tropics
The kale plants produced amazingly well during the dry season. It has rained enough now, they are infected with something and rotting. I am trying to save the pups for a new generation.

flower garden in the tropics
So many flowers this year. Lots of zinnia and cosmos. The Angel's trumpets are thriving. Wild marigolds have settled in well and self seed. I like their scent and supposedly insects do not.