Big Changes in Rio Viejo, Puriscal

The area left of the rocks, in the middle of the river, was filled with sand, dirt and vegetation.

A seemingly normal rain occurred on September 17th. The next morning, I checked the rain gauge and it registered 1.4 inches which is an average size downpour. Later that day I learned a torrential deluge occurred up river causing landslides, washing away houses and even death.

Dog in Rio Viejo, Puriscal, Costa Rica
The river breached over the bank just beyond Bruno.

I went to the river to view the aftermath and was surprised at the changes. The powerful river washed away part of the bank. Large boulders were repositioned by the force of the water. The river was so swollen it breached the riverside and went onto the property. Last time I saw that amount of change in the river was about ten years ago. 

Rio Viejo, Puriscal, Costa Rica
Buddha Head and Bruno in the Rio Viejo, Puriscal.

The changes in the river appeared localized beginning about 100 meters before the two rivers join. I found it incredible that up river things looked mostly the same. Buddha Head is in the same place and hasn't moved an inch the entire time I have been observing this river.