Introducing Smiley, our new dog

Dog on rocky river bank in Costa Rica

Last April, Spencer allowed a neighbor dog (we named her Smiley) to come over and play and hang out. Up until then he would chase off any dog that tried to enter the property. Smiley lived across the street and was extremely submissive to Spencer. Not soon after, two of her friends joined her over here for visits. Looking back on this, I think Spencer knew his time on earth was limited which allowed him to warm up to companions, not only for himself, but also for the humans once he was gone.

Smiley ended up spending more and more time here and even began sleeping by the front door. Occasionally, a young child at her house across the street would call her back by waving a bag of dog food. It became obvious Smiley wanted to call our house, hers.

After a while she began running next to and in front of the car when John brought Mario home. This was very dangerous for everyone! We asked someone to talk to Smiley's family, most importantly about the problem of her chasing the car and what to do about it. Their reply was for us to tie her up. It was then that I realized they really didn’t want the dog. Not soon afterwards they moved out and left Smiley behind. 

Two dogs on rocky river bank in Costa Rica
Copañita and Smiley

Smiley is our dog now. She can come inside the house (that was forbidden at her old place) and has a plush indoor bed. She is completely free range and only gets tied up then John leaves in the car. Her best friend, Copañita, comes over almost every morning to play and both of them love going on walks.