Life in Puriscal Update

It’s been a while since I felt inspired to write here. The end of last year threw a few challenges my way which depleted my inspiration. Among them, near the end of 2022 our dog Spencer died. It was a quick, natural death at home. We knew his health had been declining so it was not unexpected, however sad none the less. 

We have lived in our house for eleven years and the time arrived to paint the interior and some of the exterior. We hired a local worker who did a great job. I recall the early days living here when people told us we would always be fixing cracks in the walls, regardless if it was concrete or drywall. I confirm that is true!

My passion for photography continues. The things I grow in the garden now are mostly for the chickens and photography. Some of the chickens are more than four years old now. Recently, they all molted at the same time resulting in no eggs for more than a month. I enjoy taking care of them and observing their lives.

I have noticed that some of the older photos in this blog do not display unless I am logged into a VPN with a USA address. Blogger is the platform I use which is free and there is no help for problems like that. So, if you are viewing this from a country outside of the USA and can't see the photos, try using a virtual private network.