House Plants in the Wilds of Costa Rica


Large monstera plant growing on a tree in Costa Rica
Lately, I have had a desire to set up a fish tank. I haven't had one since I was a teenager. More information about the hobby is available now and I think I could be a better keeper of fish than I was in the past. This desire has come up many times over the years and the cons of the hobby always win. They have won again this time however; I have decided to funnel the desire towards house plants. 

Large monstera plant growing on a tree in Costa Rica
Another type of Monstera
Many tropical house plants grow in Costa Rica and on our property. I have always admired seeing them in their natural setting. There are many types of montsera, pothos and philodendros growing impressively large on different trees. 

Ferns and Begonia in Costa Rica
Ferns and Begonia
I haven't even begun to identify the different ferns and begonias that grow here as well. I have decided to wander the property and take cuttings of some of these plants in hopes I can get them to grow as house plants.