Dry Season Observations

dry grass, large tree on edge of cliff, distant valley views
Backyard during the dry season.

I want to document a few changes I observed during this dry season compared with ones in the past. The first thing I noticed was a huge decrease of cicadas. Normally, when the day heats up around 8 a.m., the cicadas begin singing very loud. In years past it was so loud it would drown out other noises and humans would have to raise their voices to be heard. This year it has been very quiet. There were some noise making insects, but not nearly the numbers as prior years.

dead toad in a river
Dead toad in the Rio Viejo.

I noticed a reduction in another noise, that being amphibians singing in the river at night. In years past the toads and frogs would sing up a storm. I would listen to different groups in various parts of the river. This year there were fewer singing amphibians. I also saw less eggs in the river. And, I saw more adult toads that had been skillfully eaten through their toxic skin. I also noticed less algae like plants in the river.

dead and dried out frog on rocks
Dead and very dried out frog.

These observations probably reveal the changes in nature's cycles over time. I am aware of the cycles of cicadas, but was unaware there may be similar cycles for amphibians. I will keep observing and reporting my findings.