UFO seen in Puriscal!

Glowing white ball of light with personal cloud in dark sky.
A frame from a YouTube video.

Last Friday, April 5th around 4:45 a.m. I was in bed looking out the window at the easterly skyline. It was clear and a few stars were visible. John was outside on the porch and announces there's a UFO in the sky. I immediately saw it and watched it fly low in the horizon over the tree line and then vanish. 

It was a large, bright, glowing white light, moving at a similar speed as an airplane. It appeared at least as large as a jumbo jet. The altitude also seemed similar to an airplane that took off from San Jose Airport. The illuminated sphere was traveling inside a cloud. The cloud was densest in the front of it, in the direction it was traveling. 

John was outside on the patio and he saw more than I did. He saw the approach, watched it disappear behind the hilltop and then reappear where I saw it and vanish near the pine trees. He saw it from the front, side and back. There was a solid circle and two bright, white lights on the end. None of the lights were blinking and there was no sound. He also watched it change and morph before vanishing over the pine trees. Very strange!

Even stranger... later that day a YouTube video was suggested to John that had a recording of what we saw. Apparently, many people around the world have seen this. Here's the video. The UFO we saw is the first one reviewed.