Power Outage, Real Estate Search and a Party

We have become used to frequent electrical outages. The power goes off many times a week. Sometimes just for a few minutes, other times for an hour or so. I'm not exactly sure why this happens especially when no storm is happening. This week we were witness to an awesome electrical storm just over the hill. About an hour into the show the phone and internet connection died. We assumed it was due to the storm in the distance. The next morning both were still out. I wanted to know if this was an isolated situation or if it affected the whole area so I tried to log into our neighbor's wireless internet and had success. Next investigation lead John on a walk to the neighbors to see if they had phone and internet access. Sure enough they did. John called our house from there and heard a recorded message saying our service had been suspended. Turns out the landlord forgot to pay the bill. All was resolved in two days.

This week we looked at four properties for sale. We physically walked on three and viewed one in the distance and ruled it out because high voltage electrical wires went through the property. Of the three we saw one fits all most all of our requirements. Actually, we are pretty excited about it. So excited in fact I am not going to describe in detail for fear someone reading this blog will find it and purchase it before we can make a decision. I will say it has awesome views of a valley and mountain in the distance. Neighbors can't be seen. The property has a river at the border and two internal creeks. No construction is on the property, however city water, power and phone are at the street. Most important... many, many large, mature trees.

We see a lot of real estate listings in the San Isidro area that fit our requirements so we are going to try to get out there next weekend to view the area. I have a feeling we can find our dream property near just about any good size town. The determining factor in our decision will probably be based on what the town is like, what it has to offer and how far it is from San Jose and the airport.

Yesterday we attended the Queen's Birthday Party at the British ambassador's residence in Escazu. This was the eighth such event on the lovely estate grounds. Every year has a different theme. This year it was the 60's. The large yard was full of hundreds of people. Some dressed in 60's attire. There were two stages that had live music and performances by various entertainment groups. I think food was the biggest attraction. The wait in the line for fish and chips was about 30 minutes. We opted for bangers and mash, cold drinks and cake for desert. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time relaxing in the beautiful environment. I did not take my camera so pictures on this blog are from last week's trip to Zoo Ave.