Renting The Owl House in Ciudad Colon

Yesterday we moved into a different house on the same property. We originally wanted to rent this house but it did not have high speed internet which is a requirement for my work. We rented the house next to the street while we waited for the internet to be connected. Getting a phone line or internet isn't as easy as it is in the USA. You have to go to the office in person to make the application and expect to wait for at least 30 days before anything is done. I have heard of people that have been waiting for years to get a phone line.

Owl House in Ciudad ColonThis house is wonderful. It's just the right size for two people. There is one bedroom, one bathroom, small kitchen with oven and a small living/dining area. A screened porch extends along two sides of the house. There is an open space between the walls and ceiling which make this house much cooler than the other. The tile roof adds charm to the place. The scenery is spectacular! It's named the Owl House because I am told owls live in the nearby trees.

Owl House in Ciudad ColonThe Easter week celebration has begun in Costa Rica. It "unofficially" began on Friday and continues until April 13th. This is one of the biggest religious holidays the country observes. Many businesses close during this time. We noticed the butcher we go to will be closed this week. The banks will close on Thursday and Friday. Many Ticos take this time off as an opportunity to go camping at the beach. The country bans the sale of alcohol for a portion of this week. They also ban it during presidential elections.

Owl House in Ciudad ColonWe plan to begin contacting real estate agents and look at properties later this month. I am looking forward to the day when we have our own slice of paradise. For now we are enjoying our lives here. I am becoming more familiar with the birds and plants. The other day I actually understood the amount of money the cashier said we owed at the produce store. The rainy season has begun and we experienced a few downpours. Things are getting more green and birds seem to be more active.Owl House in Ciudad Colon