Birds in Puriscal

Black Vulture sunning in treeOne of the birds seen most frequently from our property is the Black Vulture. The other day I walked near one of their nesting areas. I knew I was close due to the large amount of bird dung and feathers on the ground. They nest in holes and crevices in rocks. Our property is littered with rocks and boulders of all sizes and many rock face cliffs. This must be ideal nesting territory for them. Daily we watch about 40 or more vultures circling high in the sky. This does not look like the behavior I have seen vultures do when they find something dead to feast on. We guess that they enjoy floating high in the sky above our land due to how the wind circulates through the valley and around the hillsides. Other times of the day they fly overhead looking for food. I took this picture of one drying itself on a nearby tree.

Laughing FalconWe often hear the call of the Laughing Falcon. They are especially funny to hear when they begin to make their “laughing” call. The first time I heard it, it made me chuckle. The start of the call sounds just like someone laughing. The tree tops in view from the cabina are mostly from large tall trees that are rooted way down the steep hillside. Because of this we sometimes get great views of different birds. I took this picture of the falcon in a nearby majestic tree.

We saw this bird the other day. We haven’t purchased the Costa Rica bird book yet so I am unable to identify it. It looks like some type of falcon to me. Again, it was perched high in a tall tree, checking the landscape for food. We have seen many other types of birds on our walks through the property. Just the other day I saw a completely red, small bird and several types of hummingbirds. I have on my “to do” list to spend time out there, being quite and still so I can observe and identify these lovely creatures.