Trail Development, Tico BBQ

When we first looked at our property we en- countered a small landslide that washed out part of the main internal road. After months of rain more erosion occurred as the dirt was washed down the steep hillside. At first, I wouldn’t walk across that area because of how steep and far down the drop was to the river below. Over time, with all of the workers walking back and forth a good set of steps was created in the washout area and it felt safe to cross. One of the projects on the list was to improve this area to make it easy to cross and halt the erosion.

trail in PuriscalI was thoroughly impressed with how our crew repaired this area. They dug a large, deep hole and filled it with several hard, dry logs, rocks and more logs for cross support. They moved the dirt, using shovels, making it wide enough for a car to pass. Hopefully the land above this area will be stable enough not to cause more erosion from above. At the beginning of this rainy season we will heavily plant vetiver in this area to help further stabilize the hillside.

tire rim bbqWe acquired an authentic Tico BBQ. Mario invited us over for dinner a few weeks ago and grilled some excellent meat on his Tico BBQ. We liked it so much that Mario decided we needed one. It’s made out of an old tire rim and spare scrap metal. We supplied some of the materials and paid the welder about $12.00 for his work. It’s an ingenious design, super heavy and will not blow away in the wind! Now we need to learn about the types of hard wood charcoal used for the BBQ. Of course, I won’t permit cutting down any trees for the charcoal, but I am sure we probably have some type of fallen wood on our property that can be used.tire rim bbq