The workers bring backpacks to work every day. I’ve seen them pull their lunches and drinks from the packs but I have never personally looked inside to see what else they carry around. I have observed that they are careful to keep the packs off of the ground and near them at all times. They never accidentally leave their packs here, they always take them home.

After the end of the last rainy season we discovered an enormous rock fall that covered the main internal road for 50 meters or more. For weeks, when we went on walks, we had to carefully climb over the rocks to get to the other side. I figured that this was the way the trail was going to be from then on, which was sad because I knew it would limit many of our guests from being able to visit the lovely spring just beyond the rock fall. Mario was the first worker to view the rock pile and reported to us that it was indeed gigantic.

Recently we had the full work crew back to do various projects, one was to chop and open the trails. Mario mentioned that he thought they could move some of the rocks that had fallen and cut the tree trunks that were in the way which would make it easier to cross the rock pile. The next day the crew carried the chainsaw with them to work on this area. That afternoon, when they were done working and drinking lemonade, Mario said the trail was now open at the rock pile. I was eager to see what they did.

The next morning I took the dogs to investigate during our morning walk. I was completely stunned and surprised to see that they not only moved a few rocks and cut a fallen tree, but the original trail was now exposed, down to the dirt. Wow, how did they do that? I looked at the rocks they pushed down the hillside and admired how good of a job they did and then it dawned on me… These guys are superheroes! They must have capes in their backpacks that they put on for especially hard jobs like this. I never imagined they would have been able to do this. Of course, I’m new to looking at enormous rock piles and really don’t know the possibilities, but I was convinced. We hired a crew of secret superheroes.

I believe in order to recognize a superhero you must already know one or have been introduced to one. My number one superhero is my husband! He has, time and time again, displayed his extraordinary powers to me. Without him my life would be difficult if not impossible to live in Costa Rica. I think everyone needs superheroes in their lives, people to look up to and role model after. I am blessed to know many!