Swimming Hole - Rio Viejo

Swimming Hole - Rio Viejo
There have been several big rains lately which have caused the river to swell and rage. Often when that happens we hear, what sounds like, truckloads of rock and dirt falling into the river. The picture above shows the area that slowly keeps eroding into the river. In the summer it is also a favorite swimming hole for several nearby families. We had been hearing a lot of earth fall into the river so I decided to take a hike and investigate.

small dog at Rio Viejo, Puriscal
I intended to go by myself so that I could hike farther up river, but Roxy insisted she had to come with me. The rock and dirt slide isn't nearly as impressive as it is from on top of the cliff. Someone told us that the grey/silver colored dirt in the hillside contains gold. We have inspected it many times and it does contain some sparkly looking flakes but unless it is assayed we have no idea what it really is.

Rio Viejo, Puriscal
Dark storm clouds were forming when we were at the river. Roxy heard thunder in the distance and immediately started to head back home. Roxy is a small dog and swims well in the river when it's calm, but I usually carry her across certain areas this time of year. The thunder spooked her and all she wanted to do was get back home. She decided to swim across the river herself and got stuck in a rapid, frantically paddling but going nowhere. I saw moments of fear in her eyes as she tried to swim to shore. I was by her side in an instant and put my arm under her and raised her so she could get out of the rapid. Next time I really hopes she waits for me so I can provide safe transport.