First Avocado, Problem with Citrus

Costa Rica avocado
This week John and I shared the first avocado from a tree we planted a few years ago. The tree produced only one this year, hopefully there will be more next season. I'm not sure what type of avocado this is, but I know it isn't Hass. I have been told that Hass trees will grow at our elevation but won't produce fruit. This avocado had delicious, creamy flesh.

Here's a picture of part of the fruit orchard in the front of our property. Most of the trees began producing last year. We have been consuming lots of mandarinos, sweet lemon and limes. The tangerine tree made one fruit last year which was exceptionally sweet and delicious. A few of the orange trees also began fruiting, but they were extremely sour. The coconut palms continue to grow but are many years away from producing.

Earlier this week I noticed that branches on both of the lime trees were dying and the tiny fruits were falling off. I looked up the symptoms on the internet and it appeared they were infected with a fungus that quickly kills the tree. I asked our workers to look at the trees and they were surprised at how fast the branches had died. They cut a branch and inside parts of the wood were black. This was a sure sign, according to the internet, of a fungal infection.

John brought samples into town to see if there was anything we could do to protect the other trees, but no one knew the solution without a lab test to confirm the disease. We decided to remove the two sick trees, root ball and all. I will keep a close watch on the other trees for signs of the disease, but for now everything looks OK.